A Day With Alan

Spend the Day with Alan!

How Would You Like to Go Behind the Scenes with One of Today’s Most Well-Known Real Estate Investors WITHOUT Leaving the Comfort of Your Home!

This is Your Chance to Look at Houses with Alan & See How He Really Picks the “Diamonds” from the “Coal”

Plus, You’ll Find Out…

  • How to streamline and automate your routines and responsibilities

  • How to train competent people to take the wheel

  • How to give your staff foolproof check sheets and systems so they never mess up

  • How to ensure you pay for results ONLY

  • & much more!


Want to maximize your profits as a real estate investor?

Then you need to eliminate chaos from your business and transform your operation into a hands-free money machine that runs reliably and churns out profits – with or without you.

Sound difficult?

Don’t worry, it’s not difficult when you follow Alan Cowgill’s philosophy and techniques.

In fact, thanks to a new collection of videos you can now see exactly how Alan streamlines his business, removes CHAOS and only visits his office twice a week — for a grand total of one hour and fifteen minutes of work.

Does that sound like something you might like to be able to do in the future? If so, the new “Spend the Day With Alan” Training Videos are perfect for you!

Get immediate access to over 16 full hours of video training that includes:

  • “A Day in the Field” where you’ll see exactly how Alan estimates rehabs and separates the profitable houses from the unprofitable ones!

  • “A Day in the Office” where you’ll see Alan’s money-saving, time-saving and work-saving systems in action! Folks who attended this seminar paid $1,997 each.

  • And “Four Days at Alan’s Financial Freedom Boot Camp” that normally costs $2,995. In this boot camp, Alan reveals step by step how to implement the turnkey systems for acquisitions, office management, exit strategies, and hiring and firing that will transform any real estate business into a hands-free money machine.

Sign up today and:

  • Turn your business into an engine that runs without you. Instantly profit from my slam-dunk marketing, management, financing, buying, and selling systems.

  • Delegate 90% of your paperwork, office management, and other headaches, including phone calls and meetings with tenants, contractors, the city, permit department, etc.

  • Rest assured that your employees and contractors will never mess up because they’ll have idiot-proof check sheets and systems.

Wipe out chaos in your business and bypass the usual growing pains.

Here is what is included in the…

“Spend the Day with Alan” Training Videos

Day 1: With over 4 hours of training videos
Day 2: Over an hour of training video
Day 3: With over 5 hours of training videos
Day 4: With over 4 hours of training videos
Inside my office: Over 2 hours of key business elements
In the Field: Where we visit a property with a student and walk through the cost estimate of rehabbing a house — on 6 videos.
Debriefing: After visiting my office and spending time analyzing a property, what do you need to do next? A heartfelt debrief session to help a student to get started on their way to wealth.
Student Testimonials: What do others have to say about the Financial Freedom Live Event and also a day in my office? And some fun stuff too.

Now, in my Financial Freedom 4-day Live Event I cover the following topics:

Getting Started in the Office
Meetings and Office Reports
Payables, Receivables and Collecting Money
Finding Properties
Qualifying Properties
Appraisals and Insurance
The Acquisitions Manager
Buying Properties
Closing Procedures to Buy
Selling the Property
Working with Private Lenders
Mortgage Liaison Turning Tenants into Buyers
Working with Tenants
Closing Procedures to Sell
And many of these topics are covered on the 16 hours of training video.

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No Travel Costs!

Plus, you’ll enjoy all of the above benefits without incurring travel costs or having to take time away from your business or your family to attend a boot camp.

And here’s one more advantage of video – you can stop and rewind important segments to ensure you fully understand!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get the video instruction you need to take your real estate investing business to the next level of success.

It makes no difference if you retail, wholesale, or rent your properties… or do other kinds of deals like lease options or land contracts. If you’re in real estate in any way, these videos will show you how to put your business on automatic, the same way you put your car on cruise control.

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Hard Work Alone Won’t Bring You Success!

Without Alan’s systems for streamlining, automating, and delegating your routines, you might be able to generate a big income. But trust me you’ll end up paying for it with your time.

There’ll never be enough time in the day to get everything done. And what’s the point of having money if you can’t enjoy it?

In these videos, Alan shows you how to streamline and automate your paperwork, phone calls, meetings, and other responsibilities. You’ll wipe out the guesswork, and start delegating all of your office management with confidence.

Just click on the Order Now button to get started. Despite the fact these videos include Alan’s in-demand boot camp valued at $2,995, we’re only charging $497 for the entire collection. Plus, with the seven-day money-back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose. If these videos are not what you expected simply notify us within a week of your purchase date and we will refund your money in full.


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Special Bonus: Order NOW and get Alan’s Home Study System “How to Find CASH Buyers” to Sell Property to Folks with Money to Burn. A $197 value for FREE. This is a digital download that you will get instantly. This bonus can be eliminated at any time so don’t delay.