Invite me, Alan Cowgill, to speak for you!

7 + 13 =

Alan spoke to our REIA in September. He was a delight to work with from the beginning. His presentation at the monthly meeting was very well received. As a matter of fact, Wendy Patton and I told him that Thursday’s meeting doesn’t sell well and don’t be discouraged if very few buy but they do on Saturday during the One Day Workshop. I’m glad to say we got to eat crow on that! Alan is now our top producer on Thursday and I will never utter those words again! His One Day Workshop was also very well presented—the members really enjoyed Alan and his thoroughness, and he offer great products.

After the event, Alan’s follow up was perfect and his staff, Donna, has been right on top of the details. Alan has been proactive in getting us promotional materials when needed, was incredibly prepared, well respected by the audience, and he has a great product that even I have used with success! Alan will definitely be on our “Welcome Back” list!

  — Beth Slade, Executive Director
MREI – Michigan Real Estate Investors