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Defining Where You Fit

When I began traveling around the country and speaking at different places, people would inevitably come up to me and ask me about SEC regulations.

At the time, I was as clueless as the people asking the questions, so I went to other national speakers and asked them about SEC regulations for real estate investors.

Here’s what they said to me, “Don’t worry about it. It’s a non-issue. We’re exempt.”

Unfortunately, Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth!

The reality is that when you offer the type of investment that we offer or, for that matter, any other type of investment where you’re in effect managing someone else’s money, it falls under the definition (both federally and in every state) of a security – and is thus subject to SEC regulations.

How do I know this is true, especially when so many other so-called “experts” may tell you differently? Because I’ve spent the past NINE years studying this issue.

You see I’m not an attorney nor do I practice law, so I had to hire an SEC attorney to uncover every piece of information he could on how to keep my students COMPLIANT with the SEC.

I’ve become an expert on the SEC and its role in governing our investments and now I want to share some very critical information that I’ve learned with you so that you don’t have to stress or worry or lose sleep over whether something you’re doing violates SEC regulations.

Introducing the “Where Do You Fit” eBook!

Filled with over 60 pages of must-know content, this course is exactly what you need to ensure you stay on the right side of the SEC, the policemen of the securities world in the U.S.

Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • The nine things all real estate investors MUST KNOW about the SEC. This is a real eye-opener. (P. 8)

  • How to quickly and easily clear up any confusion that might arise when you cross state lines in a deal — and this will surprise you. (P. 14)

  • The difference between “disclaimer” and “disclosure” and exactly how this difference directly affects real estate investors. (P. 18)

  • What the real no-nos of advertising are. This is the #1 mistake I see real estate investors make. (P. 19)

  • What a UCC1 filing is and why it’s very important for real estate investors to know this. (P. 21)

  • The five key areas controlled by the SEC in every single state. (P. 23)

  • The three levels of SEC control that I uncovered and how to determine which one you fit under. (P. 29)

  • Exactly what to do if things go bad with the SEC. Frankly, I give you information that will make you want to never make a mistake with the SEC. (P. 52).

  • And much, much more.

Don’t let what you don’t know put your business at risk . . . order my “Where Do You Fit” eBook for just $49.97 today and secure the future of your real estate investing business.

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