Walking With The Wise Entrepreneur

Walking With the Wise Entrepreneur


Foreword by Susan Gilbert: How to Love Your Life as an Entrepreneur

Walking With The Wise - Alan Cowgill

Section I: The Entrepreneurial Way: Taking the Right Roads to Your Destination
“Follow these secrets of prosperity to guide you on your entrepreneurial quest.”

  • The Decision and Determination to Succeed by Dan Kennedy
  • Do YOU Have the Entrepreneurial Spirit? by Cynthia Peavler Bull
  • Take a Chance on Yourself & Small Business by Robert DeLaurentis
  • Capitalizing on Your Strengths by Brian Tracy
  • 10 + 1 Secrets of Inspiring Personal Leadership… And the Profitable Results! by Carol-Ann Hamilton
  • It’s Your Movie, Let Your Clients Play Director by David C. Stone
  • It’s Easier Becoming an “Infopreneur” by Wayne Van Dyck
  • Training Young People to Become Self-Motivated Entrepreneurs by Rhea Perry
  • Avoid the Entrepreneur’s Curse by Drew Miles
  • How the Wealth Was Won by Adam Ginsberg
  • Inspiration to Action From the Warden’s Office: How I Went From a Prison Guard to North America’s Top Apartment Property Investment Guru by Darin Garman
  • The Entrepreneurial Life – Just Do It! by Glenn Wilbor

Section II: How to Overcome Obstacles on Your Journey to Prosperity
“Fortunate entrepreneurs share their personal success stories, inspiration and guidance.”

  • Turn Mistakes Into Re-Takes by Ted DiBiase
  • If I Can Do It, You Can Do It by Ginger L. Wishner, LMFT
  • Applying Success Principles Where They Really Matter: In Your Family by Phillip Cohen
  • Rich-mom.com – Thriving Entrepreneur Freed From the Past So She Could
  • Embrace a Future of Success by Bridget Copley
  • Writing to the Glory of God by Marlys Johnsen Norris
  • Staying Up, Up, Up, in a Down, Down World by Zig Ziglar
  • Molding a Millionnaire Mindset by Kathy Kennebrook
  • Live the Life You Have Imagined by Lynn Shepherd
  • Success at Home by John Blackwell, PhD
  • The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke by Suze Orman
  • How to Become a People Magnet – Keys to Increasing Your Sales, Client Retention, Referrals, Company
  • Morale and More! by Dani Johnson

Section III: The Way You Think Determines Your Life
“Thinking about prosperity, your belief system, and using spiritual wisdom leads to prosperous results.”

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki with Sharon Lechter, CPA
  • Prosperity Consciousness – Money is Simply a Symbol of Energy by Lee Milteer
  • What Would Your Life Be Like If You Were Truly Able to Influence Your Destiny? By Joe Syverson
  • Making Intention Your Reality by Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • People Pay For Ideas and Solutions… The BETTER the Idea, The Bigger the Paycheck! by Stu McLaren
  • Your Money Blueprint by T. Harv Eker
  • Leading Us Past Our Financial Limits by Laurie H. Davis
  • Ancient Greek STILL Coaching Salespeople… After 2405 Years! by Michael Oliver
  • Nowhere to Millionaire by Wendy Robbins
  • What You Seek, You Already Are by Dr. Deepak Chopra

Section IV: Tips for Making Your Business a Success
“Business Secrets from the Masters.”

  • Top Ten Ways of Thinking Like a Billionaire by Donald Trump
  • Unleash the Powerful Promoter Within by Matt Bacak
  • To Be Number 1, You Have to “Get Things Done” With Systematic Automation by Rob Bell
  • From Niche Markets to Fragmentation By Stephen Pierce
  • How to Get More Publicity and PR Without Getting Naked, Arrested or Dying by Martin Wales
  • Bullet-Proof Your Business – What Successful Entrepreneurs Wish They Had Known When They Were Starting Out by Ellen Stiefler, Esq.
  • The World’s Greatest Networker by Harvey Mackay
  • How To Build Mind Capture by Tony Rubleski
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing Innovation by Tim Sullivan
  • Uncover Unlimited Referrals, Unimagined Business Opportunities & Never Believed Sales Results With NO New Customers by Shelby Collinge
  • Are You Steering Your Own Ship? by Lee Huffman, Executive Partner, Action International Cornerstone
  • The Secret to Achieving Your Financial Goals by John Assaraf
  • Who’s Got Your Back by Reggie Cochran
  • Why You Want To Be My Best Friend by Ariane Thorne
  • What If the Navy SEALS Taught Real Estate? Tactical Mentoring by Todd Dotson
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful Wealthy Real Estate Investors! by Sherman L. Ragland, II, Wharton MBA
  • Who Else Wants to Discover the Timeless, Proven Success Principles Used by Renegade Millionaires to Create Wealth by Trading the Markets? by J. Daryl Thompson

Section V – Rare Exclusive Interview with Chuck and Gena Norris
Interviewed by Linda Forsythe, Mentors Magazine

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