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How To Solve The Paperwork Mystery For Your Next “Subject To” Or “Short Sale” Deal

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Wealth is created in times of chaos. In today’s real estate market there is often chaos in the foreclosure market! In recent years, foreclosures have been at some of their highest levels ever. Don’t get left on the sidelines the next time this type of real estate opportunity comes your way – just because you were not prepared with the paperwork you need to close your deals.

When you get started as a real estate investor, the volume of paperwork required to get the job done is confusing. You want to be sure you are safe, LEGAL, and covering your backside! Land trust agreements, lead paint forms, escrow letters – the list goes on and on.

When the phone rings at your office, you want to focus on getting the house purchased. You don’t want to waste your time hunting for forms or calling your attorney to create documents for each deal.

Lyle Reichenbach had the same problems and he developed this software package called "Slick Subject 2 Software"®. It’s the lazy way to do the paperwork for subject-to and short sale deals!

He made a decision to get the paperwork mess organized once and for all. He pulled together all the documents needed to do "subject-to" and "short sale" deals. Then he realized that, to make this software really brain-dead simple, the program had to be set up so the forms could be filled out with minimal input.

So with this software you can type in, say, the property address of 123 Main Street and have that filled out on all the required forms instantly. What a time saver! This software has all the "subject-to" paperwork so you can custom print your transaction in minutes, not hours, and know you have every necessary form.

"Slick Subject 2 Software" includes all kinds of BONUSES: Sample hardship letter, EPA forms, full-color lead paint booklet etc. – All the things a bank would want from you for a short sale. There’s even a letter where your Seller signs and says "please allow [your name here] to negotiate a settlement on my/our behalf"!

"Slick Subject 2 Software" is a mail merge program that works with Microsoft Word®. For each transaction you can print out a complete checklist so you know you are not missing any important documents. You have all sorts of forms to protect you, the Investor, and you have complete control!

"Slick Subject 2 Software" gets rave reviews at REIA meetings. At one meeting, Lyle sold 28 software packages in just five minutes. This is an absolute steal at $99.95. Everyone says it’s worth much more. I was at a seminar of a famous "guru" who came up with something similar – but that "guru’s" program is not for sale! You must attend his $3,500 bootcamp to receive a copy!!

GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS time-saving professional "Slick Subject 2 Software" system now and step up your game!

Let me quote this guru: "This software is such a time saver that it is worth MORE than the cost of the seminar because of the time savings to draw up your paperwork!"

So just think of the money you can save at your closing agent alone if they don’t need to prepare this paperwork for you! And, for the uninformed, the land trust alone can cost hundreds of dollars to have someone prepare. One investor paid $350 to have land trust paperwork drawn up and I met an investor who paid over $1,000 to have her paperwork drawn up.

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Here are the forms you get:

  • *Subject-To Transaction Checklist
  • *Warranty Deed to Trustee
  • *Land Trust Agreement
  • *Land Trust Addendum
  • *Assignment of Beneficial Interest of Land Trust
  • *CYA Letters from Seller — Pointing out due-on-sale clause (2 different types)
  • *Escrow Account Letter — Used to capture escrow funds when loan is finally paid off
  • *Management Company Letter(s) — Notifying Lender(s) of new management and landlord
  • *Insurance Letter — Notifying insurance company of new management and landlord status
  • *Homeowner’s Association Letter (if applicable)-Notifying HOA of ownership change
  • *Power of Attorney Letter-Gives you full rights to sign on Seller’s behalf
  • *Release Authorization Letter(s) — Giving you permission to speak to Lender(s) directly
  • *Third Party Resale Affidavit — Notifying Seller you may assign property to another party
  • Seller’s Residential Real Estate Property Disclosure Statement-Disclosing any defects
  • Lead Paint Disclosure (if applicable) — Necessary EPA form for any Pre-1978 property
  • *Addendum-Extra Stay/Extra Rent (if applicable)-Used if Seller remains after close
  • Blank Lease Agreement signed by Seller-Used if Lender tries to call the loan due
  • Checklist of Items Needed from Seller for Closing
  • “As-Is” Addendum-Form telling your Buyer you’ve never lived in the property
  • Addendum — Concerning lease made for Sellers benefit to offset their debt ratio
  • Lead Paint Disclosure for Rentals
  • Profit Analysis Form-Decipher whether the deal makes since
  • Investor/Seller Disclosure-Telling your Buyer you’ve never lived in the property
  • *Foreclosure Property Disclosure Form-Seller signing that you made NO promises
  • *Bill of Sale (if applicable)-A form used to buy personal property from Seller, legally giving them money from a short sale
  • Hardship letter from Seller-SAMPLE ONLY to give Seller an idea of what to write
  • Financial statements from Seller-PDF Format
  • Standard Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • *Foreclosure Counselor Letter-Seller giving you permission to negotiate on their behalf
  • Sample Consulting Agreement-Get paid to help Seller create a forbearance
  • Sample Cover Letter to Loss Mitigation Dept.
  • Sample Cover Letter to Junior Lien Holder
  • Sample Repair Estimate
  • Subject-To Information and Compilation Worksheet-Worksheet to gather all information
  • *Denotes printed customized form

And best of all “Slick Subject 2 Software” creates all your closing documents in minutes.

Just think of the confidence you will have on your next deal knowing that you have not forgotten anything!

The "gurus" charge $100’s for their programs — and they have less information and are not as complete! This powerful software was created by an investor who decided to share it with fellow investors.

How To Solve The Paperwork Mystery For Your Next “Subject-To” Or “Short Sale” Deal – with Lyle Reichenbach’s "Slick Subject 2 Software"®

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