Alan's Secret Method to Buying 5 Houses Per Month

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Alan’s Secret Method To Buying 5 Houses Per Month

  • Hear a lively discussion with his realtor and in-house Acquisition Manager
  • Learn the buying criteria on houses that are a slam dunk to purchase
  • Areas we won’t buy in and why
  • Three screening criteria required for you to successfully find the right realtor to work with
  • How Alan only spends three hours on a Friday afternoon to amass a pipeline of properties to buy
  • Included is the 16 point check sheet he goes through for every house he buys
  • Little known formula for buying HUD houses
  • Get the formula for buying REO’s and why they are different
  • Repair and analysis explained in detail
  • What Alan does to secure the deal when all his competitors quit, give up, then go away and then Alan buys the houses (page 15)
  • Alan’s amazing method requires Zero Advertising $.

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