Who Is The Real SEC?

Who Is the REAL SEC?

Alan Pulls the Curtain Back on the SEC!

Replace Your Fears & Worries With In-Depth Knowledge & a Much Greater Understanding of This Powerful Agency!


If you’ve ever wondered who the SEC really is…

  1. Who works at the SEC and what kind of pay its enforcement officers make (I had to know this)
  2. When the SEC was created and why it was created
  3. How many different levels there are to the SEC and if every state has an SEC division
  4. How the SEC is funded and if it makes any revenue
  5. If the SEC has any powers to bring civil or criminal charges and if it can turn a matter over to the Justice Department or a State Attorney General
  6. If the SEC can issue subpoenas to make you turn over documents or information
  7. What the SEC looks for when they’re trying to sniff out companies or people doing something wrong
  8. What the difference is between state and federal SEC offices and if one is more powerful than the other
  9. If the SEC is trying to show more force after the Bernie Madoff mess and other recent scandals
  10. How you can keep on the good side of the SEC when borrowing money from private lenders
  11. And much, much more

If you’ve ever wondered how the SEC is organized or how big it is or what exactly it regulates…

If you’ve ever wondered if the SEC has ever been accused of corruption or what the real difference between state and federal SEC offices is…

If you’ve ever wondered why it is so difficult for real estate investors to learn about the rules they need to follow to stay in SEC compliance when borrowing money from private lenders…

If you ever wondered about any of this, then read on, because those were just a few of the questions I had… and I had many more.

Alan Cowgill Pulls Back The Curtain On The SEC

Now, I would imagine I’ve got more insight into the workings of the SEC than many of you reading this. But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to know even more about what makes them tick.

  • I wanted to know how much they get paid.
  • I wanted to know how they are funded.
  • I was interested in why some states are much more aggressive with real estate investors than in other states.
  • And more…


It started to eat at me…

It was one of those thoughts that just wouldn’t go away. I’ll bet that has happened to you too.

You see, I already knew, through my SEC attorney, about the steps real estate investors should take to stay in compliance, etc. But that is only half of the picture of what the SEC is. I needed more. I wanted to know the behind the scenes stuff. Not just the regulations, but who they REALLY are.

As I was taking steps to get to the bottom of this and get my questions answered, I started thinking about you. I realized that you, too, might want to know much more about the Securities and Exchange Commission and go a heck of a lot deeper than anything you could learn from a Wikipedia article.

A hundred times deeper…

So I decided to acquire more knowledge about what makes the SEC operate the way it does… by getting the answers to all my questions and put this obsessiveness about the SEC behind me once and for all.

I started to make a list of my questions and my list got longer and longer until it was well over 25 questions. Then I asked my SEC attorney to get all my questions answered and record it all so I could share it with you. He agreed but said it would cost me.

Attorneys are like that….

I found out there are a lot of misconceptions about the SEC – particularly among real estate investors like you and me. But now I am able to pull back the curtain on the SEC. And the result is these videos, packed with surprising, enlightening and just plain “must know” information about the SEC.

This is your opportunity to get tremendous insight into the SEC without having to pay a high-priced SEC attorney for the privilege.

  1. There is so much information to deliver, I’ve put it on four training videos (but none of them is longer than 45 minutes).
  2. I will send you the links to the videos and you can listen to them as often as you’d like. This is important, because this is going to be like drinking out of a fire hose.
  3. To recoup some of what my attorney charged me for doing this, I have to charge you a small upfront fee. My office wanted me to charge $99 because they knew people needed this information and they knew it was going to be very well done. But I’m charging you only $29.97.
  4. And if you decide that it wasn’t that great, then just let me know within 7 days of purchase and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

I encourage you to take action and click on the orange button below. You’ll be investing just $29.97 to gain access to my “Who Is the Real SEC?” training, which consists of four powerful training videos in which my SEC attorney and I pull back the curtain to give you an in-depth look into the SEC.

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  5. The Investigative Process

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There’s really no way around it — if you want to succeed at using private lenders in your real estate investment business you must know about the SEC and the role it plays today.

In fact, if you fail to understand the SEC, you could risk not just your investing business but your entire financial future as well.

Start finding out who the SEC really is, NOW.


Alan Cowgill

Alan Cowgill

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