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Private Placement Memorandum Workbook

Dear fellow real estate investor,

Ready to begin building your investment funds with private money? Ready to take your business to the next level of profits by attracting private investors?

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I urge you to NOT take another step forward UNTIL you’ve discovered how to create Private Placement Memorandums.

What are Private Placement Memorandums?

Only probably the single most important document you can prepare as a private-funds-seeking real estate investor, that’s all. Done right, a Private Placement Memorandum will help you:


      • Impress and attract potential investors!
      • Ensure your deals are always structured properly… and profitably!
      • Protect yourself should one of your deals ever go sour!

    And on the other hand, Private Placement Memorandums done wrong, or not at all, could easily spell the end of your investing career.

    So have I got your attention?

    I certainly hope so, because when it comes to succeeding as a real estate investor few things are as important as knowing how to create a proper Private Placement Memorandum.

    Unfortunately, few things in the real estate investing world are as complex as creating Private Placement Memorandums.

    That’s what makes what I have to say on this page so important – so I urge you to keep reading, as what I’m about to reveal could easily be the difference in you failing as a real estate investor and you succeeding and being able to live the wealthy lifestyle of your dreams!

    First, Let’s Take a Closer Look at Private Placement Memorandums & Why They Are so Important to Real Estate Investors Like Me & You…

    You see, the general problem that arises when it comes to using private funds for real estate investing is that most entrepreneurs are not experienced in raising capital – and thus typically have poorly structured transactions.

    An improper or non-existent transaction structure will portray a very unprofessional image of you to potential investors. It can also lead to money-costing transaction mistakes and SEC compliance issues that could potentially cause you to lose your business.

    This is where Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs) come in.

    Private placements, or private investments, are private equity/debt transactions that are considerably less expensive to complete than public offerings such as an IPOs for the purpose of raising capital.

    However, a private placement must conform to the Security and Exchange Commission’s Regulation D. In other words, when using private investor funds, it is your duty to demonstrate that you have met all the Regulation D requirements – and to do this you need to create a Private Placement Memorandum.

    In addition to demonstrating your SEC compliance, this document will assist you, the real estate investor, in all aspects of the transaction, and additionally will assist your company in being properly prepared for an influx of capital. This includes the offering structure, the share structure of the company, information about the shares being purchased, company information, information on company operations, risks involved with the investment, management information, use of proceeds, information on certain transactions that could affect the investor, and investor suitability data.

    So, by now, you should be getting a good idea as to the importance of PPMs – as well as their complexity. This complexity has created an urgent need for PPM guidance, which in turn has caused numerous unscrupulous PPM “consultants” to pop up on the Internet.

    All most of these so-called PPM “gurus” are doing is basically buying a template, adding some text, and telling you, their client, that they are delivering a customized PPM that will protect you.

    But the truth is, when it comes to creating PPMs, templates are often an inadequate solution because each deal involves its own unique risk factors and selling points.

    Trying to cram each deal into the same cookie cutter template is a recipe for disaster.


    So What’s the Answer?

    The answer is my new “Private Placement Memorandum” Home Study System!

    It features a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read 164-page manual that explains step by step how to create ironclad PPMs even if you’ve never even heard of them before today. It also includes a special Forms CD containing five forms essential for completing PPM deals. This system is everything you need to begin safely and compliantly raising capital from private investors for real estate ventures.

    Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from this incredible system:


        • How to prepare Private Placement Memorandums that spark investor interest while keeping you in SEC compliance and protecting you should a deal ever go sour.
          (Page 4)
        • What every real estate investor MUST KNOW about the SEC, Regulation D, and staying in compliance – you can’t hope to succeed as an investor without knowing this. (Page 8)
        • The SEC’s rules about PPMs — here’s what you need to know to ensure you stay in compliance. (Page 9)
        • Who accredited investors are and why they are so important to your ultimate success — plus how to find them quickly and easily. (Page 12)
        • How to create a comprehensive, transaction-structure-setting Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) step by easy step. (Page 13)
        • The required contents of a PPM – you may be genuinely surprised by what must be included to ensure your protection. (Page 15)
        • How to use future projections and forward-looking statements in your PPM to ensure you grab investor interest. (Page 17)
        • How to properly display your plan of distribution in your PPM. (Page 18)
        • When a private offering becomes a general solicitation and why this is so important to your ultimate success. (Page 22)
        • What the SEC’s ban on advertising really means to you and your interactions with potential investors. (Page 23)
        • Answers to all the most commonly asked (and many not so commonly asked) questions about PPMs – if you have a question about PPMs, chances are it’s answered here. (Page 24)
        • 7 rules governing the limited offer and sale of securities without registration under the Securities Act of 1933. (Page 53)
        • Common terms and definitions you need to know when dealing with PPMs. (Page 54)
        • And much more!

      Plus, you’ll also receive a special forms CD containing 5 essential forms for completing PPMs and raising investor funds. This CD includes:


          • An Accredited Investor Status Questionnaire
          • Certificate of Formation
          • Certificate of Organization
          • Sample Operating Agreement
          • Sample Private Placement Memorandum

        In short, you’ll have everything you need to begin using PPMs in your investing business.

        Don’t Forget, When It Comes to PPMs One Single Mistake Could Jeopardize Your Entire Business…

        That’s right, make a mistake on a PPM and it could end up costing you thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars in fines and legal fees.

        Don’t put the future of your business — or the life of your dreams — at risk!

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        Remember: the PPM preparation tips and advice contained in this amazing system will enable you to stay in SEC compliance and avoid having to pay any costly penalties – and then there’s all the money you will save by avoiding the costly mistakes other investors often make with PPMs!

        Get This Course Today and You’ll Learn:


            • Exactly what should be in your PPM — and what shouldn’t!
            • What the SEC says about PPMs and how to ensure you always stay in SEC compliance!
            • The difference between accredited and non-accredited investors and how to work with both effectively!
            • The legal requirements of PPMs along with answers to all the most commonly asked PPM questions!
            • The 22 components of all great PPMs!
            • Explanations of common PPM-related terms so that you can “talk the talk” as well as “walk the walk”!
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            • And much, much more!

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          I’ve been using PPMs in my own business for years, and now I want to share all my experience with you so you don’t have to go through the long learning process that I went through. This system will save you tons of money and frustration and will help you ensure that you are both protected and able to attract big money investors in the future!

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          Alan Cowgill

          P.S. Don’t get bogged down in the complexity of PPMs — and certainly don’t put your business at risk. Get the “Private Placement Memorandum” Home Study System and get the tips, information and tools you need to raise capital and grow your business while remaining in compliance with the SEC and other regulations!







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