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The Wealth Management System

How to Streamline Your Business and Protect Your Reputation with the Wealth Management System 

What You Need to Know to Run a Successful Business with Private Lenders!

Before I released “Private Lending Made Easy: The Premium System,” private lending wasn’t very common. Most private loans were made between friends or relatives, often on a handshake.

With the release of my magnetic methods, attracting and raising money from private lenders became easy.

Of course my students were thrilled at first. But they quickly became paralyzed by questions. And here’s why. Their banks and hard-money lenders had always handled the necessary calculations, paperwork, and tax reporting. Once they started borrowing from individuals, my students suddenly became responsible for these things.

But this requires another level of expertise. My students didn’t know how to manage the paperwork or keep accurate books and records. So they flooded me with phone calls, begging me to teach them:

  • What documents does the lender get?
  • What closing costs are involved?
  • Should you give the lender an appraisal?
  • How do you deal with a promissory note?
  • When do your payments start?
  • When does the interest start and stop?
  • Do you put a mortgage on the house?
  • Do you handle the lender’s money personally?
  • How do you set up a second mortgage with another lender (if the first lender isn’t funding your rehab costs)?
  • How do you handle IRA money so it stays in the lender’s IRA?
  • How do you handle escrow money, year-end 1099s, and other tax paperwork that will affect you and your lenders?

I knew that creating a wealth management system was a big commitment, so I checked with my colleagues and competitors. I even combed the Internet, praying that this information was for sale somewhere. But it wasn’t.

So I locked myself in my office for two months, had my secretary screen most of my calls, and worked morning to night creating the next pillar of my system: “The Wealth Management System”.

The “The Wealth Management System” gives you the intelligence of a professional. It’s the first and only system of its kind and it gives you the power to manage private money with the competence of a skilled real estate professional.


Never Jeopardize Your Lender Relationships


With this system, you will learn:

  • The four documents you must provide every lender.
  • The secret to getting a property appraised for its “after-repaired-value” – so you can borrow enough to pay for the property, the renovations, and even receive part of your future profit in advance.
  • How to make your payment structure crystal-clear so you never wind up in a stressful dispute with your lenders.
  • Which papers you must send to your insurance company and closing agent. Forgetting any one of these papers could delay your closing.
  • Crucial steps to getting repeat business and referrals from your lenders.
  • How and when to take your lender’s money to handle the repair funds. Doing this incorrectly could result in financial complications, a bad breakup with the lender, and possibly legal issues with the SEC.
  • Learn to streamline the check-writing process – so it doesn’t snowball into a huge time-consuming burden.


Managing Your Private Lenders from A to Z!


  • Close escrow correctly so that your lender can reinvest his money.
  • Avoid burning bridges with your lenders – especially when a closing is delayed or a deal falls through.
  • Structure monthly payments or let the money accrue.
  • The eight items you must include in your payoff letter — and a sample payoff letter.
  • New lenders vs. ongoing lenders: find out which lenders to give priority to (and why) when too many people want to loan you money.
  • Learn why you should NEVER touch unsecured funds.


How to Borrow the “Untouchable” Money in Your Lenders’ Retirement Plans


Think of all the executives who are retiring, quitting, or being downsized. The money in their pension plans, profit sharing plans, and 401(k) plans has been mushrooming for years (tax free), but it was always frozen.

Now that they’ve left their jobs, they can transfer or roll all of their retirement funds (often hundreds of thousands of dollars) into IRAs that are self-directed. Then they can loan the money to you!

Using my strategies you’ll learn to…

  • Work with Custodians (i.e. Third Party Administrators) who function as intermediaries between you and your lenders.
  • Which Custodian to use and know the different options they offer.  I break down their departments and tell you which department will help you with which items.
  • Set up a Custodial account for new lenders.
  • Borrow additional IRA money from a lender who already has a Custodian account with you.
  • Handle paperwork correctly when using IRA money – so you never upset your lenders. Screwing this up can wreck your reputation.
  • Crucial instructions to give your lenders.
  • Sample forms you’ll receive – and step-by-step instructions on how to fill out each one:
    • Account setup application
    • Account transfer/rollover
    • Direction of investment
    • Payment coupons
    • Contribution forms

Here’s what you’ll get with this powerful system:


 A Comprehensive 131-Page Easy-To-Read Manual

The manual shows you how to manage your private lenders and their funds.  It is the most important tool you can have in your toolkit the day you get a private lender.  I have included my step-by-step detailed instructions of exactly how I handle every single step of my private lender money program.  I give you every technique that I use to keep you safe and keep your lenders happy with how you manage their money.  I treat my lenders like GOLD and I think you will agree with the steps I take.  You also get an arsenal of information on handling and using IRA money.


Your Private Lender Should Only Do Two Things…

Send a Check

Cash a Bigger Check


Everything Else, You Should Be Responsible For!


 An All-Encompassing Forms CD

This CD contains the key forms and reports you need to streamline your business and protect your reputation.  (I’ve included the forms and reports that I have used in my business so you won’t have to struggle to create your own.)  You’ll get my promissory notes, payoff letter, as well as my key indicator spreadsheet, detailed lender report, closing schedule and insurance form.

Most importantly, you’ll get my 30-step checklist for purchasing a property so you never miss a critical detail that may cost you thousands of dollars.  You will have the power to manage large amounts of private money with the competence and confidence of a seasoned money manager.

It’s like having me at your side, walking you step-by-step through each form.


 Quick-Start Audio CD

This CD is your first step when you get this system.  I will guide you through the system and give you step-by-step instructions on where you should start — to keep you from struggling with this aspect of private lending. This will get you started on the right foot.


 7 Super Audio CDs

Take my wealth management system with you anywhere you go.  You can listen to these great CDs in the car, while you’re exercising, or while doing work around the house.  You get two CDs of me walking you through the system, three CDs that are a recording of a live seminar (you’ll hear valuable Q&A with my students), a CD of me being interviewed by the head of one of the nation’s top Self-Directed IRA custodians, and a CD of a teleconference where I detail the forms and reports you need to manage your private lenders and their money.  These audios cover the full gamut of managing private lender money.  Such as…

  • Should you personally sign the promissory note?
  • Who gets the original documents from the closing — the lender or the borrower?
  • Three things you need to do when selling a property with a private lender mortgage.
  • What is the one exception to returning IRA money to a private lender?
  • How to make certain your lender is not put in jeopardy or at risk.
  • Why simple is better when it comes to promissory notes.
  • Which money do you use first?  New money or old money?
  • My important rules of thumb to show you how I handle certain situations.


I am currently on the 3rd listen through your Wealth Management System… It is totally awesome…

Thanks again!

  — Lee Brown
Provo, UT





This information is vital to anyone raising money from private lenders.


Like I said, before I developed the The Wealth Management System, my students were crippled by questions. They were raising lots of money, but didn’t know how to manage the paperwork or keep accurate books and records.


Please don’t leave yourself in this position. If you borrow money without this banking savvy, it’ll catch up with you. And while you hunt for the answers you need (which aren’t easy to find), your lenders could get impatient and have second thoughts about you.


Damage to your relationships can’t be reversed. So please don’t run out to your friends asking for loans, only to mismanage their money and jeopardize your relationships.


Best of all, you get to profit from my groundbreaking system risk-free for 7 days.


The price will go up on this system, but I’m delaying that for now. The price is still just $797. And there’s no need to decide if you want to keep it until 7 days from now. See the full details of this risk-free offer below.


“In the last month, I raised over $500,000 and received 8 out of 10 commitments from 1-on-1 presentations.  I have professional athletes and other corporate professional prospects interested that can take my business to over 2 million in the next 3 months. Thanks to you, I quit my fortune-500 six-figure income job and 70-hour work weeks. Your methods are truly awesome and have changed my life forever.”
  — Tony Braddock, Waukesha, WA



Savings in closing costs alone will quickly exceed your investment


When you borrow from private lenders, you’ll cut your closing costs in half – starting right now and for the rest of your life.

For example, for a bank loan of $100,000, you have to cough up $1,500 in closing costs. If you’d borrowed the same $100,000 from a hard-money lender, you would’ve been charged $5,000, not counting their padded fees and points.

However, when I borrow the same $100,000 from a private lender, I only pay for the title search, attorney fees, and recording fees. That’s it. My closing costs fall to a modest $875 – half of what a bank would charge.

Depending on the size of your average loan, the savings on your first one or two loans will exceed your investment in The Wealth Management System”. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy reduced closing costs for years to come. And you’ll be able to finance your closing costs into your loans. So you’ll have no out-of-pocket costs!


Super Bonus 1: "What You Need to Know About Lending Your Own Money" ($99 Value)

This essential guide – will arm you with hard-won real estate knowledge:  Enjoy my 20-page report on 21 topics such as weird properties, lead paint, zoning, and more.

Title: How to Avoid Minefields and Eliminate any Chance of Failure




Super Bonus 2: “How to Get All the Money You NeThe Landlord Packageed to Buy Property” eBook ($9.97 Value)

This 124-page essential guide will show you how folks using private lenders are getting an unlimited supply of money to do the residential and commercial deals:

Title: “How to Get All the Money You Need to Buy Property” eBook

Take a quantum leap forward with “The Wealth Management System”. At the end of 7 days after your date of purchase, you must be convinced that this is one of the best investments you could have ever made. Otherwise, I don’t want your hard-earned money. That’s why I’m inviting you to review everything for 7 days with no risk or obligation. I personally guarantee that with a money back offer:

  1. My groundbreaking system is one-of-a-kind – and contains no repackaged filler material or methods you’ve read or learned elsewhere.
  2. Every script, checklist, form, letter, etc, you receive is turnkey and ready-to-go – so you won’t waste a single minute turning abstract concepts into real world tools.

If for ANY reason you don’t find yourself thrilled with my methods – just contact my office for a prompt and courteous refund upon return of the system. No questions. No hassles.

No matter what you decide, the hard-won secrets you’ve learned and the Super Bonuses worth $108.97 are yours to keep. That’s a guaranteed gain, just for reviewing my bulletproof system.

Why waste your time and money on trial and error? Now you can profit from the same magnetic methods my students and I used to borrow money on our own terms.

Why risk being caught off guard with questions you can’t answer? Why make the wrong first impression and be dismissed as an amateur or fly-by-night?

Why burn your bridges because you did a poor job of positioning yourself and lost the confidence of prospective lenders?

If you procrastinate, you’ll be too late to get the Super Bonuses worth $108.97. But the actual consequences are much worse. Without “The Wealth Management System you’ll probably never be able to join the major leagues. Your potential will always be stifled by the rules and limitations of banks and hard-money lenders.

Please don’t let that happen to you. Let me rush you these magnetic methods, secrets, and financial tools… with zero risk or obligation. I realize that $797 is a significant commitment. But here’s how I would look at it:

  • Add up all of the money you’ll save in closing costs.
  • Add up all of the hot deals you’ll snatch from your competitors because you can close immediately (and they can’t) – because your lenders will reinvest over and over again.
  • Add up all of the negotiations you’ll win because of your “all cash” position.
  • Factor in how much easier it’ll be to own lots of property – once you’re liberated from monthly payments.

Now add up the costs of NOT ordering my bulletproof system:

  • You’ll continue being gouged by your lenders’ inflated closing costs.
  • You’ll continue losing deals because you can’t finance them fast enough.
  • You’ll continue feeling squeezed by giant monthly payments.
  • If you use hard-money lenders, you’ll continue paying their inflated fees.





Alan Cowgill




100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee

Take a full 7 days to see how these strategies will streamline your business, protect your reputation, and help you manage your private lender money.

If you aren’t convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, just contact my office and I’ll refund every dime.

And here’s the best part…

You Still Keep the
 FREE Bonuses

You read that correctly.

If "The Wealth Management System" doesn’t streamline your business and transform the way you manage your lenders – just like I promised – you get every penny returned to you, and you still keep the bonuses as my gift.  Click here to order securely now!