Introducing the Ultimate Road Map for Dealing With the SEC

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Navigating the SEC Highway

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    • A 100-Page Comprehensive, Yet Easy-to-Read Manual


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Let me ask you:

Are you oblivious to the SEC rules?

Do you even know the first thing about what the SEC allows and what it doesn’t allow when it comes to raising funds from private lenders?

Are you struggling right now to determine how SEC rules and regulations apply to your real estate investment business?

Well, here’s the truth, if you don’t know how the SEC applies to your business you better find out fast, or there could be a lot of negative repercussions.

Unfortunately, over the past several years I’ve noticed that the vast majority of students who attend my live events and who want to attract private money are dealing with ALL of the above.

I soon realized that I needed to do something to simplify the entire process – because the truth is: failure to comply with SEC rules and regulations (and yes they do apply to real estate investors funding deals with private lenders) can lead to fines, jail time, even the loss of your business.

While this tool is incredibly simple to use, there was nothing simple about coming up with it!

Frankly, I was a pioneer in the development of instructional material in this area.

It actually took me many tries — and over a year — to come up with this powerful tool. But the end product was certainly worth the effort – and when I unveiled the tool for the first time to my boot camp attendees I got a standing ovation!

Here’s What I’ve Done:

Based on my SEC attorney’s extensive training, I’ve created a simple, easy-to-use system, which I’m calling “Navigating the SEC Highway”. The Navigating System will take what you want to do with your business (advertise, raise $5m, etc.) then match those results with one of the 7 SEC programs you should use based on your personal choices.

In other words, this handy tool will quickly and easily erase all your doubts and worries about the SEC and will allow you to chart a firm course for future growth and success.

Quite Simply, There Has Never Been Anything Like This Available to Real Estate Investors Before… EVER!

This home study system puts vital information about the SEC — and where you stand in relation to the SEC — right in the palm of your hand in a simple, easy-to-understand presentation.

Now you can instantly:


    1. Choose what you want to do with your business

    1. Then see exactly what type of program you should use to be in compliance

Now you can say goodbye to the stress and worry that come with being unsure about how the SEC applies to your business.

Here Is More of What You Will Learn:


    • How to quickly and easily determine which SEC rules apply to you, based on how much money you want to raise and whether you plan to advertise, cross state lines, or pool the money you get from your investors – you’ll be amazed at how easy this is to do using my proprietary matrix! (P. 4)


    • When state SEC regulations apply and when you need to be concerned about Federal SEC regulations (P. 11)


    • How crowdfunding could change the way investor funds are raised in the very near future … crowdfunding could open a brand new market that will attract people who have never invested before… learn more here and find out how the SEC will be involved! (P. 19)


    • What the SCOR really is and why it’s important to you (P. 20)


    • What the California Loophole is and how you can use it, no matter where you are, to raise up to $5 million in a 12-month period… you HAVE to read this! (P. 22)


    • Why you can’t pool lender money UNLESS you do this first (P. 25)… plus the four keys to successfully pooling lender money (P. 31)


    • What word you should NEVER use in your advertising unless you want to bring down the wrath of the SEC (P. 35)


    • When you can’t advertise at all: what you read here may really surprise you… plus other advertising dos and don’ts that you really need to know! (P. 46)


    • What you MUST do whenever one of your real estate transactions crosses state lines (P. 50)


    • How to boil down your SEC dealings to three quick, easy steps — no matter what your knowledge or experience level! (P. 72)


    • And much more

Plus, the manual includes:


    • An in-depth Q&A with my personal SEC attorney, Ralph Sherman


    • A comprehensive glossary of terms so that you can “talk the talk”.

And Don’t Forget, the 100-Page Manual Is Only Part

of This Home Study System. You’ll Also Get:


    • 9 audio CDs (over 10 hours) of my SEC Attorney “teaching his heart out” about real estate investors and their dealings with the SEC at four of my recent live events.

Let’s see: 10 hours at $350 per hour for an SEC attorney… that is a $3,500 value!

PLUS, you’ll also get:


    • The “Navigating the SEC Highway” 21-minute audio. This is instruction from me on how to best use this simple yet very powerful tool.

This Is Your Chance to Quickly & Easily Determine Your SEC Classification & Requirements… Without Spending Thousands in Attorney Fees or Wasting Hours & Hours of Your Valuable Personal Time!

It’s time to swap out stress and uncertainty for confidence and laser-beam focus when it comes to dealing with the SEC and its rules and regulations.

There Is No Other Tool Like the “Navigating the SEC Highway” Home Study System on the Planet Today!

The “Navigating the SEC Highway” chart could save you hundreds, if not thousands, in attorney fees — as well as provide you with complete peace of mind regarding which SEC rules and regulations apply to your business.

Order now and you can have the chart and the accompanying manual and audio for just $697. OR save money by downloading the $397 digital version to get the system instantly – that’s less than what you would pay for just one hour with an SEC attorney and a fraction of what you could end up paying in fines and penalties should you violate any SEC rules and regulations!

Take a look at what just one of my new students had to say about this system:





Hello Alan,

The SEC program guide was very useful.  It really helped me identify what path I needed to take. I’m going for the Register… As you mentioned in the home study course, I want to sleep soundly at night knowing that I am in compliance.

Thanks for pointing me down the straight and narrow path!


 — Mike

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Alan Cowgill

Alan Cowgill

P.S. One of the great things about this system is that, as your business grows or circumstances change, you can always go back to it and plug in different options to quickly see what your new requirements will be. This is sure to be a tool that will you use for years and years! Order now.