How To Use Private Money To Fund Your Next Apartment, Commercial Or Land Deal

Discover How to Get the Funding You Need to Start Investing in Highly Profitable Commercial Real Estate Deals… Even If You Have No Experience Whatsoever!

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Few things in this world can produce the kind of profits that investing in commercial real estate can.

In fact, it’s not hard to imagine a person completing just one commercial real estate deal and then being able to retire and live a wealthy lifestyle for the rest of their days!

Unfortunately, the difficulty of raising the funds necessary to complete a profitable commercial real estate deal has prevented most real estate investors from earning those large profits.

But now that is all about to change for you… as I’m going to reveal below how you can find out how to easily raise money to do commercial real estate deals.

But First, Let’s Take a Closer Look at Why Commercial Real Estate Deals Are so Hard to Pull off Today…

While more and more people are looking into the possible advantages of investing in retail, commercial, and multi-tenant residential properties, actually investing in these types of properties hasn’t gotten any easier due to the large sums of money needed to secure them compared to a standard mortgage loan.

Because of the large amounts of money involved, commercial and other large financial lenders often base their decisions on whether or not to loan money for a commercial real estate deal on several key, difficult-to-satisfy factors, including:

  1. The risk factor involved in the investment
  2. The credit score of the borrower
  3. And the ability for the investor to achieve a return that allows him or her to pay off the loan per the contracted agreement

And even if you are able to satisfy the above three factors, and you have a high credit rating and a reliable business plan, and the bank approves you for the loan, there is still the matter of being able to make the down payment.

Other obstacles to obtaining the necessary funds include:

  • Little or No Equity –
    Sometimes, the reason that an apartment complex or shopping center is for sale is that there is little equity in the place.  Repairs may be needed, and the current owner simply can’t afford to renovate.  These costs add to the already high amount that a real estate investor will need to borrow.
  • High Price Makes Deal Too Risky –
    The actual amount of money involved in such a purchase is so large a sum that it is found to be too high of a risk factor for a bank or other commercial financial institution to lend the entire amount. Therefore, as the investor, you are left to come up with the down payment money yourself or to find some other source – and the down payment could add up to anywhere from 10-30% of the entire purchase amount!

It Is Certainly Not Common for Individuals Looking to Make Such Investments to Have This Kind of Pocket Change Lying Around, Waiting to Be Spent!

In fact, depending on the property, a down payment could cost almost as much as an entire standard mortgage!

The question then becomes where and how can an individual secure the necessary funds for a down payment?

There are a few ways to approach the problem of the need for a down payment:

  • You can try to secure an additional loan from another institution commercially (much the same way that some people have financed a second mortgage on their homes in order to cover the down payment)
  • You can find a way to produce the money yourself

One such way to produce the money yourself is through the use of private lenders.

Simply put, by learning how to tap into the growing private lender market you could have the money you need to explode your real estate investing business and begin earning the type of profits that you have always dreamed about!

  • Imagine never having to place a limit on the amount of money you can earn as a real estate investor!
  • Imagine never having to wait for bank loans!
  • Imagine never having to pay points to hard-money lenders!
  • Imagine never having to lose out on a commercial real estate deal because you couldn’t quickly procure the necessary funds!

But, no matter whether you choose to use commercial lending sources, private lending sources, or a combination of both to really succeed in commercial real estate investing and begin earning the income that will finally allow you to live the wealthy lifestyle of your dreams… you need expert guidance and support.

That’s right, you need a resource that covers all of the things that you will face.

You need a resource that contains tips on how to qualify for difficult-to-get commercial loans, tips on how to best work with both commercial lenders and private lenders, and tips on how to structure your deals to create a win-win situation for both you and your investors.

In short, you need the “How To Fund Commercial Deals” Manual.

This manual was written to help you understand the ins and outs of loans and loan agreements through different lending sources.

It covers the processes and the repayment options available when working with commercial lenders and private lenders – as well as how private lending can work by itself or in tandem with a commercial loan.

My goal was to create a meaty, informative manual to give my students the basic lending options of funding a commercial deal.  So this manual covers more than just using private money.

You see, a lot of my students use private money for their commercial deals and have asked me for information on funding commercial deals.  Well just so you know, I do residential deals and not commercial deals.  Well, I have done one commercial deal, but only because my city considers 5-unit apartments to be commercial property.  Also, I’m not an attorney, nor do I provide legal advice.  So, in an attempt to help my students, I hired a person that was familiar with commercial deals and lending to create the material for this informative manual and the accompanying forms CD.

Now, this is not a “do-it-yourself” manual, so you will still need an SEC attorney and a real estate attorney on your team.  Plus you’ll need more training on the other elements of a deal such as buying, fixing, and managing before you jump into a commercial deal.  But this manual is filled with tons and tons and tons of great information on lending.  And that was my goal in putting this together for you.

The manual also contains extensive information on:

  • How to purchase different types of investment properties, including apartment complexes, commercial and retail properties, and also new construction.
  • The processes involved in combining funding from a commercial lending source with the resources of a private investor to cover not only the purchase price of the property but also any repairs and renovations that may be necessary in order to make the investment profitable.

In short, you’ll find the basics you need to know to earn piles and piles of cash funding your commercial real estate deals with both private and commercial funds.

This manual could easily make the difference between you failing as an investor (or, worse, just struggling to get by) and you being a success!

That’s right! The information contained in this manual could be just what you need to begin earning money from commercial real estate. And it could also be the reason your real estate investing business continues to grow and grow and grow in the future!

Get the “How to Fund Commercial Deals” Manual and discover the tips, tricks, techniques and secrets that will ensure:

  • You don’t miss out on the best, most profitable commercial deals

Here is just some of what you will learn from this manual:

  • How to fund commercial real estate deals in two easy steps – follow these simple tips and you’ll be on the fast track to success in no time! (Page 11)
  • The differences between commercial funding and private lender funding – and how to choose the right funding method for a particular real estate deal! (Page 15)
  • The benefits of using private lender funding – what you read here is sure to surprise you! (Page 18)
  • How to handle the necessary computations and paperwork of working with private lenders – it’s a whole lot easier than it sounds, particularly when you follow these tips! (Page 21)
  • What type of commercial property is ideal for beginners to invest in – if you’ve never invested in commercial real estate before you don’t want to miss this! (Page 24)
  • Why private lender funds are easier to get than traditional real estate financing! (Page 22)
  • How to factor the cost of repairs into any real estate deal you are doing – failure to do this could lead to frustration and loss of profits later on! (Page 28)
  • How to quickly and easily determine the real value of the real estate you are buying – learn these valuable tips so you don’t overpay for property! (Page 29)
  • How to structure win-win loans that benefit both you and your private lenders! (Page 30)
  • How the commercial real estate purchasing process works! (Page 33)
  • What to expect when applying for a commercial loan! (Page 34)
  • How to find out how much a bank or commercial financial institution will loan you, in 7 easy steps – you’ve chosen your property and you know the price, now learn how to quickly determine how much the bank will give you! (Page 35)
  • When and how to repay your private lender loans! (Page 48)
  • Why investing in land and new construction is entirely different from investing in existing, functioning property! (Page 57)
  • How to secure your funding – and avoid all the common difficulties that others have to deal with! (Page 59)
  • And much, much more!

Here’s the Bottom Line on This Incredible Resource…

No matter which funding source you choose – either commercial lending or private lending – this manual contains great information to help you do things the right and most profitable way.

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The guide’s various chapters discuss the purchase of different types of investment properties, including apartment complexes, commercial and retail properties, and finally new construction.  This manual also covers the processes of combining funding from a commercial lending source with the resources of a private investor to cover not only the purchase price of the property but also any repairs and renovations that may be necessary in order to make the investment profitable.

This comprehensive guide is sure to be a resource that you will keep close by and turn to again and again for commercial lending tips and information.

The “How to Fund Commercial Deals” Manual also includes a complete sample business plan in its Appendix I.

This is an excellent example of how to set up your own business plan and divide up the information so that it is easy for any financial backer that you choose to work with to find and follow. To make review easy, it even includes charts and graphs that summarize the information included in the wording provided to the lending agent.

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