Discover How to Use One of Today’s Hottest Funding Sources – Crowdfunding – to Finance Your next Real Estate Deal!


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Maybe you have seen in the news how crowdfunding is being used as a funding source for everything from movies to charity projects these days. Maybe that made you wonder if you could use crowdfunding to finance your next real estate deal.

Well, if this question has crossed your mind, you have definitely come to the right place!

So How Can YOU Take Full Advantage

of This New Funding Trend?

Before we get into that, let’s take a look at the latest statistics, which show that the amount of funds raised via crowdfunding increased from $1.5 billion in 2011 to an estimated $10 billion in 2015, and the global market is expected to reach $90 to $96 billion by 2025, which is almost double the size of today’s global venture capital market.

Suffice it to say, crowdfunding is here to stay.

So how can you get started using crowdfunding? To help you learn what you can and can’t do, I have created a new eBook entitled, “Crowdfunding for Real Estate.”

Find out What You Need to Know

to Get Started with Crowdfunding!

Here’s the deal: a relatively new federal law enacted in 2012 (H.R. 3606) opened the door to a different and radical method that entrepreneurs can use to attract private investors, a method that is now called crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is basically an Internet-based means of finding funding that can enlarge your circle of potential private lenders immensely.

Nevertheless, you need to educate yourself about this method and the rules that apply to it before trying to use it. That’s why I’ve created “Crowdfunding for Real Estate.”

In this book, you’ll learn:


    • What crowdfunding is really all about

    • How to deal with all current applicable federal and state laws

    • How to raise funds via crowdfunding step by easy step

    • How to find crowdfunding portals that are specifically designed for the real estate industry

    • 4 crowdfunding platforms and the advantages and disadvantages of each

    • The 3 crowdfunding models and how to decide which will work best for you

    • The costs of crowdfunding and how to ensure you pay as little in fees as possible

    • What you MUST KNOW about crowdfunding and securities laws to avoid SEC fines and penalties

    • And much more!

Here’s the Bottom Line on This Book…

It will give you all the tips and information you need to know to utilize crowdfunding in your business.

You’ll avoid hours of frustrating research and you’ll learn how to avoid violating federal and state laws when using crowdfunding.

To start taking advantage of the hottest funding sources to come along in quite a while, get your copy of “Crowdfunding for Real Estate” today.

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Alan Pulls Back the Curtain on the SEC!

There are basically three types of real estate investors who are active today:


    • Type 1 – Those who are unaware that they are issuing a security when they borrow money from private individuals


    • Type 2 – Those who are aware that borrowing money from private lenders involves issuing a security but are so confused about what the SEC is and does that they are scared of doing anything at all that requires dealing with the SEC.


    • Type 3 – Those who are able to stay on the good side of the SEC because they make sure they are up-to-date on SEC regulations.

SEC Curtain

The first set of people unwittingly set themselves up for some pretty expensive consequences because, in thinking the rules don’t apply to them, they ignore the rules. And, as always, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

Those folks in the second group miss out on something that could provide them with a huge competitive edge, out of fear.

To ensure you understand exactly what you need to know to borrow money from private lenders and deal with the SEC, I have written a new book entitled, “Alan Pulls Back the Curtain on the SEC.”

This book reveals why the SEC was created, how it goes about its business, what it looks for in terms of violations, the extent of its authority and more.

PLUS: It comes complete with 4 incredible audios with my SEC attorney.

Check Out the Topics Covered

The Creation of the SEC

The Structure of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

The State Regulators

A Peek Inside the SEC Offices

Are Mistakes Made?

Who Are They After?

Avoid Being in Their Crosshairs

The Investigative Process

Civil vs. Criminal

Cooperation Among the Various Divisions


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P.S. Shave months off your learning curve with “Crowdfunding for Real Estate.” You’ll find out exactly how this red-hot funding method could help you raise money for future real estate deals – and you’ll also eliminate any uncertainty you may have about how crowdfunding is dealt with by the SEC. Order now.