The California Loophole

Eureka! I’ve Found It!

Discover the Incredible “California Loophole” That No One Else is Using That Will Allow You to Raise $5 Million a Year from Private Investors!

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California Loophole

I hope you are reading this sitting down because what I’m about to reveal is going to knock your socks off.

In just a few minutes, you’re going to discover a 100% legal, yet hardly known way to raise $5 million a year from private investors.

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The Discovery of a Lifetime…

Hello, my name is Alan Cowgill and I have made a living not just by raising private investor funds to do my own real estate deals but also by teaching others how they can raise private investor funds.

I’ve become a nationally known expert in the field and have students located all around the world.

Now, in addition to teaching my students about the methods available to raise money from private investors, I also strive to give them a good understanding of the legal aspects involved in raising private funds.

But I’m no lawyer, so here’s what I decided to do I hired SEC attorney, Ralph, to help me.

Then, in my quest to learn more about securities laws, I asked Ralph to conduct some research for me. Ralph ended up investigating the regulations of all 50 states and Canada. In the process of doing so, he made a phenomenal discovery which I’ve called the California Loophole.

Now obviously I can’t give this loophole away on this page, but what I can say is that this amazing loophole that Ralph discovered offers real estate investors like you the exciting opportunity to raise as much as $5 million a year from private investors.

And this loophole is available to everyone, not just residents of California.

In fact, some of my Canadian students are taking advantage of it right now!

Yet, remarkably, to my knowledge no one else on the planet has identified this AMAZING MONEY CRANK and nobody else is instructing others how to take advantage of it.

Plus, the state of California is not promoting this loophole even though it encourages people to do business in California, which, in turn, would increase the filing fees the state collects.

This Loophole Is Just What You Need to Gain
a Competitive Edge on Your Competition!

It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual, a husband and wife, father and son, or a group of business associates — if you follow the steps I reveal in my new California Loophole System you’ll be able to raise $5 million to support your business while paying just a low, low filing fee.

You will also be raising money from California residents who only have to meet a qualified purchaser requirement, which is less than what is necessary to be classified as an accredited investor under federal law.

That opens the door wide open for you work with more folks.

So Are You Ready to Finally Get Your Hands on All the Money You Need to Do All the Deals You Want?

Then you need to get my California Loophole System today! This system reveals step by step how to take advantage of a little-known California loophole to raise $5 million a year from investors.

This system includes:

· A comprehensive manual

· An informative 1-hour and 15-minute training video

· A dynamite checklist

· Two audios featuring SEC Attorney Ralph breaking down how to best take advantage of the California Loophole

· A special lender qualification form – plus all the other must-have forms you’ll need to raise private investor funds

Now you can raise millions of dollars in investor funds WITHOUT spending a fortune or jumping through a bunch of SEC hoops.

In fact, take advantage of this loophole and you can raise $5 million without spending any money on advertising – you could simply run ads for investors for free on Craig’s List. You’ll also be able to pool money and spend it on deals in any state.

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn from This System:

· Exactly what the California Loophole is and how to best take advantage of it (Page 3)

· A step-by-step implementation process that’s so easy even a beginning investor could follow it (Page 5)

· How to identify qualified purchasers and get them to invest funds with you (Page 12)

· How to take full advantage of this opportunity WITHOUT having to spend a lot of time and money and WITHOUT having to do a lot of extra paperwork! (Page 20)

· And much more – you’ll also find a glossary of terms (Page 22) and a step-by-step checklist (Page 24) that you can follow to get started raising funds immediately!

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The California Loophole

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Alan Cowgill

P.S. Although I call this unique system The California Loophole, which may make it sound shady to some readers, it has the approval of both the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the State of California. And it is a perfectly legitimate way to raise funds you can use to build your real estate investment empire. So don’t wait any longer… order now.