The Blind Pool

SEC Attorney Ralph Sherman Reveals:

How to Grow Your Investing Business

(& Your Bank Account)

with Blind Pool Investing!

Blind Pool Investing

Looking for a non-traditional but effective way to raise funds for your real estate investing business or to simply grow your bank account?

Blind pool, or blank check, investing can allow you to raise money without having to first identify and have under contract a particular property. For example, one popular blind pool investing scenario today is to use private lender money to buy unpaid credit card debt.

Here’s How it Works:

Credit card companies sell off defaulted credit card debt at a huge discount. An investor buys that debt for pennies on the dollar and then tries to collect the debt either by contacting the debtor or by filing a lawsuit. To buy the debt these investors could use private lenders.

The huge profit potential in this process is now even attracting the attention of some of Wall Street’s most well-known moneymen. It can be a great way for an investor or a group of investors who are pooling their money together to make a lot of money fast.

When Doing Blind Pool Investing You Must

Remain SEC Compliant

Comprised of a 10-page eBook and 24-minute audio, this system reveals the basics you need to know before you consider making money for your private lenders and yourself through blind pool investing including how to remain in compliance with the SEC while you do it.

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Alan Cowgill

Alan Cowgill

P.S. Many of my students have asked me about blind pool investing but I have never actually done it myself. Thanks to this information from my SEC attorney, you can now begin to unravel what is required to take advantage of this powerful method of investing. This training is 100% Ralph Sherman.

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