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Dear fellow real estate investor,

Here’s your chance to save yourself time, money and stress by getting the SEC forms you need for your state.

Many of my students invest in multiple states and, to be compliant with the SEC, they need to file in the other state(s) and with the Federal SEC.  Since I’m not an attorney, nor can I provide legal advice, I asked my SEC attorney to gather up the SEC forms from each state for my students.  My goal was to provide a resource – one-stop shopping – so you could get your hands on those state forms without paying an attorney through the nose to find them for you.  Now, just so you know, these forms are available for free on the internet but the issue is your time, or paying an attorney to locate them for you.

Look, attorneys charge a ton of money just to provide you with the forms that you can get for pennies on the dollar right here. Plus, we will also give you a jump start on filling in the basic information so you aren’t paying attorney fees for that too. You should still have an SEC attorney on your dream team, though, no matter what.

Why force yourself to conduct exhaustive research that may or may not produce the answers you need … when what you need to know to stay in SEC compliance, including the forms, is now just a click away?

This is not a “do it yourself” package or an “I’ll go it alone” plan. It is just the opposite. I simply want to empower you by giving you your state’s forms so you can save money on attorney fees. So, how do you save money by using these?  Well you just fill in your name, company name, address, and other details, and go to your SEC attorney well-prepared to start to get the job done.

This was $149 but now it is a dirt cheap $24.95!

You still need a good SEC attorney to work with you and help you file. Plus the forms do change from time to time and it is very important that you get your SEC attorney to verify that you have the most up-to-date form.

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NOTE: After purchase, please unzip the downloaded zip file. You’ll be able to personalize the content by editing the included documents.

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For Alabama forms, Click Here!

Do you do business in 4 or more states?

Just so you know, all the states forms are included in my comprehensive “Real Estate Investors Bible on the SEC System” available here: