How Alan Buys and Sells

Buys and Sells Manual

Get both…

“Alan’s Secret Method
To Buying 5 Houses per Month

“How Alan Sells Houses at Lightning Speed”

Plus get a killer bonus…

Get these 15 forms:

  • Helpful Information
  • How To Pay Rent
  • Information Needed for Loan Application
  • Lead Paint Disclosure
  • Lease Option Checklist
  • Lease Option Tenant Buyer Helpful Hints
  • Notice of Rights
  • Rent Pickup Letter
  • Renter Insurance Notice
  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Selling Info Sheet
  • Smoke Alarm Agreement
  • Standard Purchase and Sales Agreement
  • Listed Property Inspection
  • Property Purchase Checklist

Did you know there are 30 steps to purchase a property? Well there are and Form #15 (Property Purchase Checklist) is that form. You should get this system just for that form alone. Miss one step in the 30 steps and you have just created CHAOS in your business. And chaos means waste. I.E. you lose money.

To sum up, here’s what you get with both home study systems:

“Alan’s Secret Method to Buying 5 Houses per Month” system has:

  • A manual
  • 1 audio of me explaining to you the system I’ve used to buy 5 to 7 houses a month

And “How Alan Sells Houses at Lightning Speed” system has:

  • 2 audios of me having a lively discussion with 3 members of my sales force

And to top it off, you get a bonus that is not included with our individual Buy and Sell systems sold separately:

  • My 15 buy and sell forms

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“Alan’s Secret Method to Buying 5 Houses per Month”


Alan's Secret Method to Buying 5 Houses Per Month

  • Hear Alan having a lively discussion with his realtor and in-house Acquisition Manager
  • Learn the buying criteria on houses that are a slam-dunk to purchase
  • Areas we won’t buy in and why
  • Three screening criteria you need to ensure that you find the right realtor to work with
  • Find out how Alan spends only three hours on Friday afternoons to amass a pipeline of properties to buy
  • Included is the 16-point check sheet he goes through for every house he buys
  • Get the little known formula for buying HUD houses
  • Get the formula for buying REO’s and why they are different
  • Repair and analysis explained in detail
  • What Alan does to secure the deal after all his competitors have quit, given up, and gone away (Page 15)
  • Get the secret to Alan’s amazing method which requires zero advertising dollars


Get all of Alan’s awesome concepts in one 34-page eBook and can’t-miss audio, plus get these special bonuses:

BONUS #1: Q&A with students. After he shows you all the items listed above, Alan takes it a step further and gives you a special question and answer bonus section in the eBook where he answer all his students’ questions. You don’t want to miss this extra bonus, so order it today.

BONUS #2: Order now and immediately receive the eBook “Insights About Private Lending”


“How Alan Sells Houses at Lightning Speed


How Alan Sells Houses At Lightning Speed

You find a great house. Negotiate, win the bid and close on the home. You then deal with contractors to get the house in great shape. You put signs up, stage the house and run an ad in the newspaper…

Then wait… And wait… And wait…

Look if you can’t sell that house NOW, you start losing some of your profit.  It begins to evaporate with holding costs.

After a while you wonder what went wrong… Maybe you’ve even scheduled to show the house to someone… You drive to the property, and then wait for thirty minutes all alone to finally realize that they’re never going to show up.

Let me show you how to never go through this pain again. I’ve created a powerful 46-page eBook and two audios, with 80 minutes of detail and spectacular tips on how to sell houses at lightning speed.

Look at what’s covered:

  • Hear a lively discussion with Alan’s three-person sales team
  • Alan engages his team in riveting role-play exercises
  • Learn the following four areas of the sales process:
    1. Staging the property
    2. Pre-screening the potential tenant/buyer
    3. The approval process
    4. Necessary paperwork
  • What four things we always tell the approved tenant/buyer
  • Information on vacant house property maintenance
  • When NOT to run newspaper ads so not to waste your advertising dollars… and when DO you run newspaper ads to get the phone to ring off the hook
  • What NOT to say to a potential tenant/buyer
  • Find out what tenant/buyers we won’t let in our houses
  • Negotiation skills to get you the biggest down payment possible
  • The three stages we take the potential tenant/buyer through during our very first phone call
  • How we eliminate the fear monster of talking to potential tenant/buyers
  • Alan’s team covers the exact steps in the approval process
  • How to get free advertising after the sale
  • Sweat equity, land contracts, wholesale and rent-to-own exit strategies are all covered
  • And much much more…