Model Accredited Investor Exemption (MAIE)

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Accredited Investor Playbook

Accredited investors are individuals who’ve made at least $200,000 a year for the past two years and expect to do so again in the coming year…

Or they’re couples who’ve made at least $300,000 a year for the past two years and expect to to do so again in the coming year…

Or they are individuals who have a net worth of at least $1 million, regardless of income.

So what real estate investor in his right mind wouldn’t want to tap into this well-to-do group of investors?

Especially since it is now easier than ever before to reach this group, thanks to my new “Accredited Investor Playbook” eBook.

This system reveals:

  • How to quickly determine if someone qualifies as an accredited investor – including how to determine net worth without extensive accounting knowledge or training (p. 8)
  • Why the SEC may be expanding the pool of accredited investors in the future and what you need to look for to take advantage of this if they do (p. 12)
  • What you need to know about the Model Accredited Investor Exemption (MAIE) – cut through the “lawyer-ese” and discover what you really need to know to take full advantage of MAIE (p. 14)
  • How to pre-qualify potential lenders as accredited investors using a “reasonable belief” questionnaire (p. 16) – we even provide a questionnaire for you to use in the appendix!
  • The three things you must do to qualify for the intrastate offering exemption (p. 16)
  • How Rule 147 is changing the game: Companies no longer have to be organized in the same state in which they do business and seek lenders; AND general solicitation and advertising for lenders are now allowed! (p. 17)
  • The new borrowing limit that is five times the amount of the old one – find out here how you can raise up to $5 million (p. 17)
  • Which states have adopted MAIE and which states haven’t — and what this all means for you (p. 18)
  • The surprising pros and cons of MAIE – don’t even consider using MAIE until you’ve read these! (p. 20)
  • Step-by-step instructions for applying for the accredited investor exemption – you may be surprised at how easy it is to do, just by following my simple steps — includes key web addresses! (p. 21)
  • Plus, you get these essential forms:
    • A Model Accredited Investor Exemption (MAIE) Form
      • This is the form most states require you turn in for in-state offerings.
    • Form D
      • This form is needed if you are doing a Private Placement Memorandum.
    • Model Accredited Investor Questionnaire
      • Potential investors fill out this questionnaire so you can assure yourself that you are working with the right folks.
    • Model Accredited Chart
      • This chart compares MAIE to PPM terms, and crossing state lines terms by state.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Pooling Money from Accredited Investors Is Better Than Other Revenue

Generation Methods 

  1. You can focus exclusively on working with accredited investors
  2. Accredited investors are, by definition, wealthier. They also have higher incomes, individually and as couples, than the rest of the population
  3. Because of their wealth, accredited investors are capable of making more and larger loans to you than the average private lender
  4. If you make this kind of offering, you can focus on working with accredited investors in your state and need only be concerned about filing with your state (not the federal SEC)
  5. State filing fees are often lower than the other filing types that allow for pooling
  6. State filing forms are usually just a couple of pages long and much easier to file than with the other filing types

So don’t wait another minute: get your hands on my 130+ page “Accredited Investor Playbook” and get in the game.

Get the information and forms you need to start receiving funds from accredited investors.

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P.P.S. These are the states that utilize the MAIE:

The following states have adopted the MAIE and use NASAA’s Uniform Notice of Transaction Form that you can find in Appendix B:
1. Arkansas
2. Colorado
3. Connecticut
4. Indiana
5. Kansas
6. Maine
7. Maryland
8. Mississippi
9. New Jersey
10. New Mexico
11. Oklahoma
12. Rhode Island
13. South Carolina
14. South Dakota
15. Texas
16. Vermont
17. Virginia
18. West Virginia
19. Wisconsin
20. Wyoming

The states listed below have also adopted the MAIE Model Rule, but require that you file a state-created Notice of Transaction form and/or Form D:
1. Alaska
2. Arizona
3. California
4. Delaware
5. Hawaii
6. Kentucky
7. Missouri
8. North Carolina
9. North Dakota
10. Ohio
11. Pennsylvania
12. Tennessee
13. Utah
14. Washington