Discover 9 Ways to Pool Money from Private Lenders & Finally Realize Your Goal of Having
“More Money Than Houses”!

You’ll Have the Funds to Do Any Real Estate Deal You Want When You Start Using These Extremely
Easy & Extremely Effective
Money Pooling Tips…

9 Ways To Pool Money

A few months after my first private lender seminar, I found myself in a very interesting position – I actually had more money than houses to invest in.

What a great feeling! No longer did I have to miss out on great deals because of lack of funding. I had the funds. I needed to be able to act fast whenever a great deal came along. That meant no more:


    • Waiting for a bank loan to be approved

    • Paying costly points to hard money lenders

After struggling to get started, this new position I found myself in was, in a word, “wonderful.”

“It Was at This Point That My Real Estate Investing Business Really Began to Take Off”

In fact, it grew so much that people began coming to me wanting to know the secrets of my success.

This is when I began touring the country speaking at major real estate investment conferences and it was at these events that the idea for this new eBook was born.

You see, I began receiving numerous questions from those that I spoke to about the best ways they could amass large amounts of money for their deals. They, too, wanted to have “more money than houses.”

Now I knew at that point that pooling money from lenders was their best option but I had been lucky with some big money lenders up to that point and hadn’t actually pooled money from private lenders before.

Because of my lack of experience with this method, I was hesitant to recommend it. So here’s what I decided to do:

I went to my SEC attorney and asked him to compile a report for me explaining what pooling is and how I could take advantage of it to further increase the amount of money I have available for deals.

Well, the report that he ended up delivering was so good that I have decided the best thing that I could do is make it available to you as well.

So that’s exactly what I’m doing:

Introducing “Private Lending Made Easy
– 9 Ways to Pool Money!”

Now you can get the exact same report that my SEC attorney prepared for me and discover 9 ways you can quickly and easily begin accumulating the money you need to do bigger and better deals! You’ll learn:


    • Nine ways to pool money – and how to decide which method (or methods) would be right for you and your business (I’ve even outlined the positives and negatives of each approach so you can make the most informed decision possible)

    • What pooling money really means and how to take full advantage of its many benefits

    • 12 keys to understanding how to pool money from accredited and non-accredited investors in your state

    • Who accredited investors are and why working with them will dramatically reduce the amount of paperwork you need to complete when pooling money

    • 6 keys to using fractional mortgages to invest in property: Want to have more than one investor on the same property? Then you MUST read this

    • The pooling technique that allows investors to purchase an interest in a significant real estate asset that is larger than any of them could normally obtain individually

    • What type of agreement you’ll want to have in place to ensure that everyone in your deal is on the same page

    • How to put together a “Tenants-In-Common” pooling deal in just 10 easy steps: Here’s the complete step-by-step blueprint you need to begin pooling money quickly and easily

    • How to pool money and stay in compliance with the SEC, step by easy step

    • And much, much more!



    • 4 Professionally-Recorded, In-Depth Audios covering such important topics as…


      • Using Accredited Investors

      • The Small Company Offering Registration (SCOR)

      • Who Are Accredited Investors and How To Use Them

      • Key Pooling Techniques and

      • An Insightful Student Q&A Session

    • Bonus Chapter on Side-By-Side LLC’s.  This is a great technique that you can use to pool money and it’s a business structure that can help you manage your pooled funds.

This is your chance to learn how to create your very own private bank filled with piles and piles of investment cash that will ensure you never have to miss out on a great deal for financial reasons ever again!

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