eBook Master Series – Package A

Package A

Package “A”$29.91

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Four Powerful Private Lending

eBooks for One Low Price!

This package is “no frills”… just solid private lending instruction.

When you order Package A, you get our four most popular private lending-focused eBooks at a savings of $25 off what it would cost if you bought each one separately.

Pretty straight forward, huh… and, I should add, extremely beneficial as well.

These books reveal:

  • How I, Alan Cowgill, amassed private money and how you can use my techniques yourself to have lenders practically begging to give you money
  • Short Sales and private lending tips
  • Plus, what really drives private lenders and much more!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

"Real Estate List Peddlers"

Alan blows the whistle on real estate trainers.

Private Lending Through the Eyes of a Lender

"Private Lending Through the Eyes of a Lender"

Take a look behind the scenes with one of Alan Cowgill’s personal lenders.
Interview With A Short Sales Expert

"Interview with a Short Sales Expert"

Underground real estate expert reveals everything you need to know to make big money in today’s troubled market with short sales!
The Magic of Lender Luncheons

"The Magic of Lender Luncheons"

Find out how Alan amassed tons of private lender money by holding lender luncheons.
Slick Subject To Software

"Insights About Private Lending"

Alan Cowgill and Robyn Thompson discuss how they fund their deals.


This package consists of Four (4) Private Lending eBooks for the price of three, PLUS a free BONUS book..

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By ordering Package A today, you’ll basically be paying for three of the above eBooks and receiving the fourth for FREE!

That’s right, order now and you’ll pay just $29.91 – that’s a savings of $9.97 if you bought all four eBooks separately.

Package A
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Disclaimer: These eBooks are not meant to be an exhaustive examination of private lending or real estate transactions, but rather an overview of these things. Moreover, these eBooks are not legal advice and should not be construed as such. Furthermore, the laws of each state and the federal government are subject to change after the publication of these books. Therefore, before becoming involved in a private lending or real estate transaction, you should seek the advice of an experienced attorney and/or accountant so that you understand your rights and obligations and to ensure than you don’t run afoul of the law.