Insights About Private Lending

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"The Queen of Rehab" Reveals How
She Uses Private Lending to Send Profits Skyrocketing!

Dear fellow real estate investor,

Let me ask you a couple of quick questions:

  • Are you sick and tired of not having enough money to do all the real estate deals that you want to do?

  • Have you missed out on profitable deals because of a lack of funds?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, you will definitely want to continue reading this page! Here’s why:

In “Insights About Private Lending”, the Queen of Rehab, Robyn Thompson, along with real estate investment expert Alan Cowgill, reveal how they have used funds from private lenders to earn more cash profits than they both ever dared dream possible!

In this valuable eBook, you’ll learn how Alan, due to his success using private lender funds, was able to quit his job of 17 years and prosper as a real estate investor. Over the past couple of years, Alan has bought over 75 houses – all without using any of his own money!

You’ll also learn how Robyn has been able to use private lender funds to buy junker properties and turn them into $20,000 checks to fill her bank account. Robyn has bought, sold, and rehabbed over 244 properties since she quit her job at IBM on May 31, 1996. She has taken her ability to find more houses than she knows what to do with and turned it into a tremendous money machine that has led her into the world of financial freedom!

Read this eBook and…

  • Imagine never having to place a limit on the amount of money you can earn as a real estate investor!

  • Imagine never having to wait for bank loans!

  • Imagine never having to pay points to hard money lenders!

  • Imagine never having to lose out on a deal because you couldn’t quickly procure the necessary funds!

  • Imagine being able to get out of debt and have thousands of dollars in the bank!

Well, it’s all possible!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Get This eBook Today & Discover How to Get All the Money You Need to Do Any Deal You Want!

This eBook, which is filled with tips, tricks, techniques and secrets that will explode your real estate profits, is currently available in the following formats/prices:

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But don’t delay! I can’t keep this eBook at the above low prices for long. To take advantage of these offers, I urge you to order now!

Here are the contents of “Insights about Private Lending" by The Queen of Rehab, Robyn Thompson:

  1. Private Lending vs. Borrowing From Banks
  2. Using Lenders’ Money
  3. Lender Ratio
  4. Returns to Lender
  5. Equity Trust and IRA Money
  6. Lender Retention
  7. Luncheons & More

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Alan Cowgill

E. Alan Cowgill
Private Lender Expert