Attorney Checklist

Get Guidance on Dealing with the SEC & Find a Highly Qualified SEC Attorney — All with One Convenient Guide!

Attorney Checklist

As a real estate investor you are no doubt eager to get out there, find private funds and start doing profitable real estate deals.

But what if you have a question about what SEC form you should use in a deal or what the fee might be?

Or what if you have a question about raising money for your real estate investment business that involves securities laws and regulations?

Or what about the 101 other questions you might come up with?

What should you do then?

What should you do to ensure that you are understood, that you get to speak to the right person in the right office and that you ultimately get the information you need?

Well, now all you have to do is get a copy of my “Attorney’s Checklist” eBook.

This handy quick-reference guide provides provides you with the information you must know in order to deal effectively with the SEC. It also contains an extensive list of highly-qualified SEC attorneys from across the United States.

With this guide you also get these 2 must-have items:

1.   The SEC Checklist

This attorney-created 3-½-page checklist covers issues you might never have thought of on your own. By asking your potential SEC attorney about these key pieces of information, you can avoid hiring the wrong attorney and save yourself a ton of money in wasted attorney fees.

I guarantee it is better, easier and cheaper to know right up front where you stand with your SEC attorney rather than to find out three months and $5,000 later that you are standing in the wrong office.

You’ll learn…

·         How to ensure you are speaking with the right person

·         What to do if you are stuck with leaving a message

·         What magic word immediately puts SEC attorneys at ease and almost always gets you the information you need

·         How to be clear and to the point

·         Plus, THE question – worth its weight in GOLD – that you should ask any SEC attorney you are considering hiring

·         And much more

2.   The SEC Attorney List

That’s right, you’ll also get direct access to a list of 500 SEC Attorney BY STATE.  Yep, I put together a list of 10 qualified attorneys for each state to give you a jumpstart on who to call for help.

Attorneys are listed by state and the list includes their complete contact information.

This Valuable Guide Puts Need-to-Know

Information Right at Your Fingertips!

You’ll save hours of frustrating research time and will be able to access important information right when you need it.

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Alan Cowgill

P.S. There has never been a faster, easier way to ensure you stay in SEC compliance! You’ll want to print this guide out and put it on your desk for quick access. Order now.